Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greatest Stories Ever Told: The Story of Joshua~ A Letter From his Wife part o...

Greatest Stories Ever Told: The Story of Joshua~ A Letter From his Wife part o...: From The GSET Team: We have had to repost this story, due to computer problems that occurred when Anna Bella had sent us this letter, via e...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Don't get mad at your crush if they don't know

Originally posted January 23, 2007 on which I am determined to make popular.  And if it does I expect an endorsement!

So there's this guy.. we'll call him Bob. So Bob is a sweet enough guy. I mean I had thought he had a crush on me once last year during musical (drat choir and it's insipid drama..) but I had been wrong... blah blah blah I will spare you the details. Anyways I guess he has a crush on me and I get a dirty note today, I haven't verified is actually from him mind you, but I get a dirty note saying how I am a terrible person and how I don't even notice when a person and I quote "is fond of you" and on and on and on... Now I understand we're in highschool... But are you seriously going to try to woo me through nasty letters? Honestly... I mean I haven't had a boyfriend I'll admit in about a little over a year... because well, I don't have the time or money to. Not to mention I've never really been into the whole "going out" scene... I'm more of a dating type girl. But not the point... so I'm not exactly one of those people that catches the subtle hints. I think I'm excellent at giving them since every time I try to subtly hint something it goes completely over the person's head. But I'm a hypocrite in that way. It just makes me confused that the first I hear of this crush from Joe is from this letter attacking me. I hate drama... see? This is why I joined an Anti-Social Network... give me a guy who doesn't talk, who enjoys all movies, and chocolate and doesn't write you mean immature notes, and I will show you the way to a beautiful relationship.

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this back in high school I have since found my perfect man, he does talk, but he's incredible smart, unbelievably handsome, amazingly talented, and has a genius IQ.  Basically he's outta my league and I tricked him into loving me.  ;)  I'm a lucky lucky woman

To Snob or not to Snob

Originally posted on August 7, 2007

Know what I love? I love people who are so selfish and conceited that they think their life is better or much much worse than mine so they feel like they can judge me when they have never taken the time to know me. There's this girl I work with, Andrea. No one likes her... it's actually very sad how she has no friends at work but I dont' feel bad for her anymore... No more will I try to be her friend because she's a complete bitch. I could deal with her talking behind my back because I know that's just the type of person that she is, she's just so insecure with herself that she feels she has to put people down to make herself feel like her life has worth. Well Andrea my dear, I'm sorry you have a kid in a daycare that is abusive, I'm sorry that you feel like you don't havae a choice except leaving your son there, I'm sorry that you don't have the nerve to take care of him, I'm sorry that your boyfriend cheats on you and you feel like your life really sucks all around, but did you stop to think that it might not be all of the other people in your life making it this way? So someone comes up to me at work and says that Andrea's been saying that I'm a snob. I see... is basically what I said. The lies and the rumors, that I can deal with but I have a hard time of people calling me a snob. Especially from a girl who goes and gets $70 manicures or has her own home, or has the liberty to spend money on herself... where as half of my clothes are hand-me-downs and the other half all cost less than trn dollars... I've been working fulltime at 2 or more jobs since I was twelve... I buy my own food and I pay for school by myself. I buy all of my own school books, I bought all of my own school supplies in school. I don't spend money on things for me ever, I spend more money on other people every year than I even consider spending on myself... Of the hundred dollars I've spent this week, thirty of it went towards a birthday present for a friend, thirty of it went towards things I wanted to buy for my nephew and the other forty went towards food for me. I don't go out with friends very often if it involves spending money because that would mean I couldn't eat for a couple days. Don't get me wrong here I'm not complaining, I have everything I need to live, it just makes me angry when people insult the work I do beacuse I work hard for everything I have, and I will continue to work hard. It just bothers me when someone thinks that I've just had life handed to me on a silver platter when they couldn't be more wrong.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Last minute political ads

What is it with last minute political ads and political phone calls?  The people who are intending to vote, already know who they are voting for, and if you don't know who and what props to vote on by now you shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place.  If you don't know if you are voting for Obama or Romney yet then you are an idiot.  I'm sorry, but that's the honest truth.  You don't know if you are for gay marriage or against?  You don't know if you are pro-life or pro-choice?  You don't know if you are for Obama care or for revising the national healthcare reform?  I could go on and on.  That would be like someone having a year to decide if their favorite color is black or white (don't even go to the race thing you dumbasses) and then the day before you still don't know!!  (Soon to come a rant about Racism and how people need to just get the fuck over it!) 

That's all you see on television.  This time of year, what I wouldn't give for a Cialis ad, or an ad trying to sell me some piece of crap that doesn't work!

I love looking at who is paying for the political ads too.  That's the most ridiculous thing about these ads too.  You need to read that part of the ad at the end.  Because the ad will be talking all about how special interests are receiving special treatment, and the ad itself is paid for by a corporation!!  You need to be careful about what you are voting for.

Now I'm not saying don't change your mind this late in the game.  You have the right to vote for whoever you want.  I knew who I was voting for before the debates, but I don't believe in people who reach out and speak to voice their personal political views.  It's irresponsible.  For instance Madonna.  She's a fucking bitch!  To say that you all have to vote for Obama?  That's ridiculous!  You are a celebrity.  Albeit an old, ragged, has-been celebrity, but a celebrity all the same.  Everyone who is a fan of yours is going to vote for Obama, not because of his policies, not because of his plans, not even because of their opinion of his last four years in office, but just because you said so.   THAT is why we still need an electoral college, no matter how corrupt it is, in this country because the people of the United States of America are stupid beyond belief.

People go out and research this shit on your own.  It's absolutely unacceptable that the majority of Americans don't even know the names of the people who are running or what they stand for or even what they look like.  Jay Leno proves this every year, and Howard Stern when out and proved it this yaer.  Someone thought that McCain and Obama were going to win the election!  It should be considered treason to vote when you don't know what you are voting for.  You are potentially causing this country harm because of your ignorance.  Ignorance killed the cat, curiosity was framed.

And lastly... Political phone calls.  The fact that they call at 10pm 11pm 12 am just for that last vote, that last donation the day before the election?  What could they possibly be doing with your donation less than 24 hours before we know who wins?  Pay for the champagne to celebrate a win or get wasted because you lost?   The obnoxiousness and the gall that some of these people have is enough to want me to switch my vote on principle alone.

It doesn't matter which one you get as long as you can see who you are avoiding...

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Napkin News

I'm one of those people that has a problem saying no if someone asks me to do something... to the point where I feel really bad if someone were to ask me for a favor but I had to turn them down.... to the point where I give up things I want to do for myself in order to accomplish these favors for other anyways... I went to a lil techie get together after a musical show one night and there were these napkins that said "stop me before I volunteer again" and I took one home and framed it. . . not sure whether or not I should be proud of this... but alas, it either makes me very strange.... or very intrigueing and quirky

Amusing Immature times

So my school is well into tech week for the musical Les Miserables... which in case you aren't musical savvy it's one of the best shows of all time in most opinions. So for this show I decided not to be in cast this year but to do tech... so I run a spotlight from three floors of scaffolding... if you don't know what that is, scaffolding is very insecure, in this case, metal poles put together with very small screws among other things with a couple boards across it for you to stand on, anyways so sitting on my scaffolding, which by the way is where I fell from, I spend many enjoyable moments in between scenes dropping animal crackers on the cast members heads because it amuses me so. I'm not sure why, in fact, I'm pretty sure the thought of it amusing me should make me sad at my lack of maturity, but sometimes immature things are the most fun. at least that's what I think.... I'm sorry that my anecdote wasn't funny, or sad, or deep, or slightly more antisocial but what can I say, I lead a dull life.//

Don't Drink and Drive

so I was talking to an old friend and he decides to tell me this story...

So I was with a group of my buddies and we were driving after having hit a couple of clubs. So we were a lil bit tipsy and stopped at a red light. It took a while when someone said "dude it's a flashing red light it means you can go if there's no one else comin."

the driver... a guy named dave I guess, then made like he was gonna go when his friend in the passenger seat said, "WAIT!!! that sign says don't turn on a red light. We're drunk we don't want the cops to pull us over." (It was actually POoooooooooooooliiiiiiiiiice but you can't quite get across the slur on the internet) so there they sat at the stop light waiting for the light to flash off so they could quickly hit the gas before the red light flashed back on.

So I think I got the story across alright. I didn't really understand him when he was telling me this story at like 3am but ya know... stupid people make my head hurt.... stupid drunks make me laugh cuz they do it to themselves